November 1, 2017

#opt4pt video competition

The #opt4ptvideocomp has ended. Below is a table that outlines total points for each school divided out by social media platform. Likes were calculated at 1 point per like and shares/retweets were calculated at 3 points per share. Congratulations to our winner of the competition Dixie State University PTA program for their video “There’s a PT for that”, and thank you to all those who participated in the competition.

Our competition made a pretty big impact within both the Facebook and Twitter communities reaching over 50K people. You can see the number of impressions and video views all these videos received in the second table below.

Thanks again for your participation and continue to interact with #opt4pt on your favorite social media platform so we can continue to promote all the great things PT’s can do for healthcare consumers everywhere!

#opt4ptvideocomp points
FB likes 281 169 26
FB shares 233 178 15
Total points 980 points 703 points 71 points
Twitter likes 10 16 0
Twitter shares 8 13 1
Total points 34 points 55 points 3 points
Grand total 1014 points 758 points 41 points


DSU = Dixie State University (There’s a PT for that)

RMU = Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (The Student Therapy Initiative at RMUoHP)

UofU = University of Utah (PT’s can help with that)


#opt4ptvideocomp impressions/likes
Total impressions FB 50,656
Total video views FB 23,168
Total impressions twitter 2,567
Total view views twitter 597
Grand total 76,988